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Do you have a question that is not listed below? Please contact us HERE.

  • I heard there is a Zamboni Foam Machine?
    Ha! Technically, we do not have our 'Zamboni' brand ice resurfacer on site, it is an Olympia brand! Not to mention there are some other fun features throughout the course! (No, you don't have to run through the foam if you don't want to, it is optional.)
  • May I pick up registration packets for others? Can others pick up my packet for me?
    Yes... Please be sure that you are in good communication with your friends, so that they know you are doing so! Packet Pickup: Location: Ball Arena, Denver Times: Nov 1: 4-8pm Nov 2: 4-8pm
  • Is there a time limit on the run?
    Your estimated finish time should be within 1.5hrs (estimated 20 minute/mile). Technically, there is not a time limit. However, just know that if you finish after the above listed times, you may endure a different experience at the finish line and on course, as our team will begin taking down course markings, etc.
  • Are strollers allowed? How about dogs?
    Yes! - Strollers are welcome and commonly sighted. Please note, the entire course is stroller accesible. - Dogs are allowed! There will be a seperate wave for those who wish to run with dogs and all dogs must be leashed and under control. Please respect those around you, as not everybody is comfortable around dogs.
  • Is there a charity benefit for this run?
    Yes! $5.00 from each registration will go to CAHA
  • If I don't show up to the event, do I still get my shirt, bib, and stuff?"
    Yes and No. If you do not show up to the event or packet pickup to claim your belongings you will have 7 days after the event to reclaim them. You must contact us to do this. After 7 days, they will be forfeited.
  • What should I wear for the run?
    We strongly encourage dressing to the occasion! (Hockey/Avalanche that is!) October weather in Colorado can do many things. We recommend bringing clothes for all types of weather. You may also want to bring a hat or visor, sun screen, and a rain or winter jacket in case we encounter rain or snow. (if it snows, we'll jump for joy, and it will make this run even better!)
  • What happens if it rains or snows?
    The event will still go on! Unless there is weather that puts our runners, volunteers, and event staff in physical danger, we'll still be on for a great time! If the event is cancelled prior to event date, due to unsafe weather or other circumstances out of our control your registration will be good for next years event.

The Avalanche 5K Run

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